BMDF Donations page

From it's inception, BMD Forum has remained entirely self funded and self administered.
We don't charge money for the BMD Forum, but it does cost money to keep us online, maintain the source code and add new features.

- You have no obligation to donate. It is your choice to do so.
- You will receive no benefit from donating - expect maybe extending the life of this site.
- Donations are used to support operating of the site in the form of ongoing (monthly) run costs.
- To date, donations per year have never exceed the cost to run this site!

If you choose to donate please use the link below and you will be taken to a secure PayPal page, the PayPal address is my wife's as the hosting is payed for from her account (it just happened that way)

We treat all members equally weather you donate or not ! 50p or £10 we are truly grateful for the donation.

Jammy Johnny
BMD Forum Admin